150-Density Hair Topper Most Popular With Customers

Hair Topper Products Most Popular With Customers

If you have thinng hair, gray hair or are experiencing hair loss, good news comes!

One hair topper can solve these problems!


Our topper hair comes in two base sizes, which are 5*5inch and 3*5inch. You can choose the suitable hair piece according to your head circumference. This base imitates your scalp as much as possible and will not cause damage to your skin.

Each strand of hair is hand-tied and knotted on the base.

Also, the hair topper could last 3-6 months with good care because it is 100% real remy hair. Of course, you can use heating tools to DIY about hairstyles just like your own hair.

One last important reason: it's 150-density hair topper. Better texture than the usual 110-density hair piece, which means the topper will look thicker and lusher, closer to your natural hair, and people will basically not notice that you are wearing it.

The wearing of hair topper is also very simple, and it is directly fixed on the top of your head stably with clips.

Therefore, the advantages of the above points make hair topper products the first choice of more customers. Now let's take a look at the colors of several hot-selling hair topper products.

Hot Sale

5*5 topper hair remy human hair hot sale color

3*5 topper remy human hair add hair volume and length for hair loss