What is Virgin Human 6*7inch Hair Topper

Virgin Human Hair Topper 6*7inch Base Natural Hair For Hair Loss

New Arrival----Topper Hair 6*7inch Virgin Human Hair

Are you suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and high hairline? Don't worry, we have launched a new product - Virgin human hair topper to solve these problems. Let's take a look at its introduction.

Moresoo topper hair  virgin human hair pieces are made of 100% real human hair, especially for people who is experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, gray hair and high hairline. You can get fuller and shinny hairstyle quickly by Moresoo hair topper. Add your hair length and volume by no-slip clips. No one even notices you're wearing it. It blends perfectly into your own hair.

Why Moresoo 6"*7"inch Virgin Topper Hair?

  • Suitable for hair loss or thinning hair in the beginning or middle stage

Our hair toppers for women are suitable for those who have just started to lose hair or have thinning hair. If you are still in the early or middle stage and want to increase volume or length through hair topper, then this product is very suitable for you. If you have particularly thinning hair on the top of your head or severe hair loss, we do not recommend you to wear topper hair, and you may consider a lace wig.

different base topper human hair 150% density hairpiece straight hair

  • 100% real human hair Virgin hair with full curticle

6*7inch Topper hair is 100% Virgin human hair, and we have the identification report of human hair. Unlike Remy hair, Virgin hair can last 6-12 months. So a proper hair piece can give you a long-lasting look.

  • Easy to apply in minutes and not easy to slip

Our topper hair uses 3-4 non-slip clips to fix toppper on your head, and you can wear it by yourself(not visit salon). Get a gorgeous change in minutes. Mother's Day is coming, come and choose a suitable hair piece for your mother as a gift!

  • Soft, natural, comfortable and realistic lace base

Our topper adopts soft, natural, comfortable and realistic lace base, closer to your real scalp. And you won't feel dull when you wear it all day, because of its unique breathable design.

Note: We will ship to you within 20-30 days of your order. If you need it urgently or need it before a certain time, please contact us before placing an order to avoid delaying your business. In addition, the 6*7 mono topper is a customized product and can not be sold again, so refunds and exchanges are not accepted. Hope you understand.

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