• 3 Most Popular Hair Extension Methods: Pros and Cons

    Posted by Doris Sun

    Hair extensions give people the easiest way to have beautiful hairs of dreams. Many luxurious salons provide this service, which only take little time to add length, volume or even chemical-free highlights with hair extensions.

    Since there are so many different hair extension options available on the market, choosing a hair extension method that suits you can be overwhelming. There are several factors to consider before choosing a method that works best for you, it includes installing type, lifestyle, and maintenance. 

    According to the installing method of hair extension, there are three different types: weft, strand by strand and clip extensions. Below is the most complete comparison of different installing methods, including pros, cons and recommended maintenance.

    1. Weft Hair Extension

    A 2-4 inches wide hair weft is applied to the hair in rows, rather than as stand by strand. Hair wefts can be applied using tape-in or sew-in/weave method.

    hair weft extension

    1.1 Tape in Hair Extensions: 

    The most popular and seamless method of extensions available on market is tape in hair extension. They are applied using either double or single-sided polyurethane(PU) tape. Clients with extremely thin hair, especially around the temples and side of the head, may need a single panel applied with single-sided tape.  


    • Fastest and easiest method of application. It only takes 20-40 minutes for volume applications and 45-60 minutes for full-length application.
    • No heat or tools required for an application.
    • Panels lay flat on the head, virtually undetectable. Suitable for thin, fine hair.
    • The safest method of hair extensions available, as the weight of the panel is spread out over a larger section, causing no damage to the client’s hair.
    • Reusable method of extensions, lasts between 6-8 months under proper maintenance.


    • In the first 24-48 hours after application, you can’t wash your hair or excessively sweat as the weft needs some time to cure and adhere properly to your own hair.
    • The panels will slip when any kind of silicone or oil based products are used directly on the adhesive.


    • Do not use any silicone or oil-based products at the root of the hair.
    • Brush hair daily from root to tip.
    • Style hair as normal.

    1.2 Sew-in or weave: 

    If you have coarse, curly or thick hair, then sew-in or weave extensions are ideal for you. The client’s hair is braided to create a base for the extensions, and then the wefts are sewn into the braids using a needle and thread.


    • Slipping will not occur unless the braids become loose, so you can use oil or silicone-based products for your hair.
    • Most suitable for thick, coarse hair.
    • No heat or glue is required for an application.


    • The application can take several hours.
    • If the hair extensions are not washed regularly, it could get dirty and cause infection.
    • Extensions may be uncomfortable and cause headaches after an application.
    • Limited hair styling options.
    • Tight braids can cause tension or traction alopecia.


    • Wash hair regularly.
    • Avoid over styling, as this can cause the braids to come loose.
    • Shampoo, blow-dry curl or straighten as you would with your normal hair. 

    2. Clip In Hair Extension

    As a temporary hair extension method, clip in hair extensions is a method where wefts of hair are applied using small pressure sensitive clips with silicon. If you don’t want to wear your hair extension on a daily basis, clip in hair extensions is a better option for you.

    clip in hair extension

    Clip-ins Extensions: 

    Most suitable for special occasions or parties when clip in hair extensions can be removed before bedtime.


    • Greater versatility by having the option to put in and take out the hair on a daily basis.
    • You have the ability to change your hair color or style often.
    • It’s easy to take in and out the hair extension by yourselves, no need to go to a licensed cosmetologist.


    • Clip in hair extensions cannot be attached to your own hair for long periods of time and must be removed before bedtime.
    • Not suitable for thin, fine hair as clips and base could be too bulky or heavy for the hair wearer.
    • Clip in hair extension could last a long time if used with proper care and maintenance.


    • Wash hair extensions as infrequently as you can and apply a deep conditioner if the hair becomes dry or dull. 
    • Better to use a wide tooth comb or Loop brush to comb extensions.

    3. Strand by Strand Method

    Applying hot or cold application techniques, strand by strand technique is where extensions with a keratin glue bond are attached to small pieces of your own hair. Strands of about 0.5 gram to 1 gram individual hairs can be attached with either a keratin glue bonded point or with a micro link. Most companies that offer a bonded strand by strand hair extension refer to this method as a keratin bonded hair extension.

    keratin hair extenion pros and cons

    3.1 Hot Fusion:

    Keratin U-tip bonds are attached to the hair using a heating tool. Hairdresser uses a heating tool to melt the keratin glue, where your own hair is placed and sealed between the melt U-tip keratin. The bonds are attached close to the root of your own hair, leaving some space to allow natural movement of your hair. 


    • Most suitable for coarse, thick hair.
    • Most durable hair extensions, last up to six months with proper maintenance.
    • Look like your own hair, very natural.


    • Time consuming, the average application time is around 2-6 hours.
    • Hot fusion require heat to install hair extensions, which can not only be tough on the stylist’s hands but can lead to damage to the client’s hair.
    • Not reusable.
    • Some people may also experience discomfort or an itchy scalp within the first couple weeks after application.
    • Application requires a high learning curve for stylists, which may result in hair damage and breakage if not applied properly.


    Avoid any oil-based products or over-styling.

    3.2 Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-tip:

    Hair extension method where small pieces of your hair are pulled through a small bead or lock and clamped shut with a hair extension pliers.


    • Individual strands could moves a little more naturally.
    • No heat or glue is needed for the application and hair extension can last up to six months.
    • Hair extension is reusable, and any extensions that may have slid down or off can be fixed in about an hour by an experienced technician.


    • Time consuming, the average application time is around 2-6 hours.
    • If beads or locks are not placed appropriately, they can be visible and will slip more easily than any other method.
    • Some people may also experience discomfort or an itchy scalp within the first couple weeks after application.
    • Not work for thin, fine hair as the beads or locks can be visible through your own hair.
    • Application requires a high learning curve for a successful application and removal of this method, and if done incorrectly can cause hair breakage and damage.


    Avoid use of oils or silicone-based products near the attachment.

    Above are 3 most popular hair extension on market, which hair extension do you use or prefer? Which one is best for your hair?

    3 hair extension methods comparision

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  • 5 Tips on How to Care for Your Moresoo Tape In Human Hair Extensions

    Posted by Doris Sun

    Tape in human hair extension is trendy around the world. They lay so flat against people’s head that it’s very comfortable and invisible to wear tape in extensions. They could easily blend in completely with people’s natural hair and it’s very difficult to notice them if placed correctly. And moreover, it’s fast and easy to apply tape in extensions.

    Although it’s simple to care for those tape-in extensions, it’s still very important to learn the right way of how to care. Because hair extensions don’t have certain natural oils that help your hair stay healthy and natural. This is the reason why you should care for your hair extensions daily.

    Below are five important tips on how to care for your tape in hair extensions and keep them natural and healthy.

    tape in human hair extension

    1. Before You Buy

    It’s not a good idea to apply tape-in human hair extensions If you suffer from hair loss, which will further damage your hair. If you don’t know which type of hair extensions to choose, you can contact Moresoo hair experts for best advice.

    Before applying Moresoo tape-in hair extensions, it’s very important to thoroughly clean your hair and remove oil with a clarifying shampoo.

    Normally, one application of Moresoo human hair extension lasts 10 to 20 weeks. But some of our Moresoo fans tell us they can make the tape in hair extension lasts a little longer by just pressing the tape shut with fingers from time to time, but maintenance in required after 10 weeks.

    But we suggest it’s better not to leave them in longer than that because it could potently do damage to your natural hair. When it is time to replace the tape, please go to hair salon and they remove your extensions safely. Your stylist will apply new tapes to the human hair extensions and reapply them to your hair and it’s good to use again.

    After you’ve done the application, you have to wait 48 hours to wash your hair for the first time. 48 hours is enough to let the tape sticks together and dries very well so that the tape in extensions will be able to last for a very long time.

    brush tape in human hair extension

    2. Brush Your Extensions Twice A Day

    Another important thing you should know is that before you wash your hair, you should thoroughly and gently brush your hair with a Moresoo hair extension brush. You need to brush your hair every day! Use an extension brush and go right over the point of attachment at least twice a day, making sure that you don’t a have any tangles or mats whatsoever.

    When you brush, hold the roots of your hair so that you don’t pull on the bonds. You also have to remember to never brush the extensions while they’re wet; you have to thoroughly dry them before brushing.

    how to wash human hair extension

    3. Wash Your Extensions gently

    It’s better to wash your hair every 2 or 3 days. When washing, remember to scrub your hair extension gently with your hair upside-down. This can avoid tangling of the extensions. Moreover, when you’re using conditioner, avoid conditioner on and around the tapes because this will cause slipping.

    Don’t use products contain alcohol, ethanol, or oil, because they will damage your hair extensions and adhesive. Generally speaking, using too much hair product will do no good to your hair and sometimes it will cause tangle and mat.

    Dry your hair extension

    4. Keep your Tape-in Extensions Dry

    After you’ve done the washing, make sure to dry your hair immediately, especially the roots of the extensions which is very important for the health of the roots. When using blow dryer, it’s better to use heat protection on your hair to avoid damage that can be caused by heat. Remember to completely dry your hair extensions before going to bed, keep your hair dry.

    5. Make Your Extensions Stylish

    Before using hot tools to style your hair, remember to use heat protection spray and make sure the heat setting is on low. It’s a good way to avoid damaging your Moresoo tape in hair extensions.

    But try not to use any hot tools in general if you can because they could potentially shorten your hair extension life time. Using a flat iron directly on the tape could weaken it, which will cause your extensions to fall out.

    Above are five tips on how to care your Moresoo tape in human hair extension. Do as what we suggest, we believe you could easily keep your hair extension healthy and beautiful.

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  • Human Hair Extensions Care and Maintain Tips You Must Know

    Posted by Doris Sun

    Maybe you’ve already bought Moresoo human hair extension, so now it’s time to talk about how to care those human hair extensions. In order to maintain a long-lived color and texture, it’s very important to get the maintenance rituals for real human hair extensions. Below, we’ve consulted with top human hair extension experts to inform us on tips of what and how to care Moresoo human hair extensions. Scroll through to learn exactly how!

    Why You Should Care Your Human Hair Extension?

    Although they cannot damage your own hair, human hair extension won’t last as long as they’re supposed to. It’s especially important to attend to the definitive needs of your particular hair extensions. The natural oils of your own hair will not be able to reach your hair extensions,” A daily brushing routine, hydration, and application of natural hair care products that avoid drying chemicals are very necessary for your hair care.

    moresoo clip in human hair extenison

    At the same time, it's very important to wash your human hair extensions with only sulfate- or paraben-free shampoo specifically on the roots. Try Tavis Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo will help to soften and detangle moresoo hair extension. Remember to be gentle with your hair extensions too, as pulling will damage the structure your hair extension, turning your gorgeous, shiny clip-ins hair extension into nothing but mess.

    It’s not recommended to infuse the hair in either salt or chlorinated water. But it's extremely difficult in the summertime, so this is the reason why we're suggesting Barracuda Aquia Dechlorinating Shampoo, a 2-in-1 formula that maintain hair texture while also eliminating chlorine odor.

    human hair extension care tips

    Moreover, you should avoid bedtime with a wet head and brush your hair extension frequently. Brushing your extensions is a regular upkeep kind of thing, something you should remember to do often, right and with the help of a good tool. Try Moresoo Brush to gently brush and detangle without creating any further damage. Care and Patience are all you need.

    how to care clip in human hair extension

    Is There a Difference When taking Care of Clip-ins vs. More Permanent Extensions?

    There are certainly differences when taking care clip ins vs fusion hair extensions. Clip-in human extensions are made to be temporary, so washing and styling too often will do much damage to your human hair extension. Permanent extensions like I-tip extension stay on your hair anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Therefore, you need to do as what your stylist tell you when caring your hot fusion hair extensions.

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