What is Halo Hair?

Halo Hair

Unlike other hair extension methods that require glues that cause drying, clips that cause friction and breakage, or weaves that pull on your hair follicles; the Halo doesn't attach to your own hair. They are a simple, one-step method to achieve longer, fuller hair. They’re perfect for first-time users and simple enough to apply for everyday wear in just a few minutes.

halo hair before and after

Why People Love Halo Hair?

  1. The perfect hair extensions for thin or fine hair, the Halo is comfortable wear and easy to use.
  2. It cannot cause any damage to your natural hair.
  3. It's safe to use for girls with thin, fine or delicate hair.

Who Can Wear Halo Hair?

We recommend that those with hair longer than shoulder length and thin to medium thickness hair can choose halo hair. halo hair are not ideal for people with thicker or shorter hair. If you try to blend into these hair types, it may appear "sticky" at the bottom.Another Hair type that suit thin hair is Flat Silk Weft.

How to Apply Halo Hair?

two ways to apply halo hair

First way to apply

  1. Split your hair above the ears and leave over the top as pictured
  2. Place the hair extension with wire sitting behind ,Pull your own hair over the hair extension
  3. Release the top section of your hair.Gently tousle to blend your natural hair on extensions.

Second way to apply

  1. Place the hair extension with the wire sitting behind the line.Gently push down to fit over the ears and sit the base of the skull
  2. Use the tail comb provided to pull your own hair over the wire hair extension
  3. Iron yourself hair to match the hair extensions,it would looks natural and more beautiful

How to Hide The Line?

Use a spiked comb to pick up your hair to cover the fish line

How to Adjust The Wire?

Adjust suitable size by tightening or loosening the standby wire.

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