Halloween Hairstyle Trends We're Falling for in 2022


The pendulum of time has come to autumn, and Halloween is coming soon. Are you preparing for your Halloween look? Balayage and bright hair color in summer is no longer suitable for this season, why not try warm hair colors such as pumpkin, chocolates, burnt caramel, coffee, etc.

Inspiration From Nature

What are the trending hair colors this season? Let's find inspiration from nature. Think pumpkin, caramel, autumn leaves, cinnamon and warm coffee. 

Halloween Hairstyle Trends We're Falling for in 2022

Halloween Hair Color Collection

Let's take a look at how to apply these colors to your Halloween look. Magical things are about to happen.

Burnt Caramel

Red Wine hair will make the skin appear whiter, and even in dimly lit places, there will be no pressure to take pictures. For Halloween look with red wine hair, you can make it straight, curly, or add some accessories, to highlight your Halloween look. It is recommended to choose a darker black or gray color for the costume, which will bring out the beauty of the hair.

Red Wine Clip Ins
halloween hair look


Very popular hair color among people, like white chocolate, white blonde virgin hair uses 100% real human hair and no additives. The best thing about this color is that you can wear it with any color of clothing, and it will add points to your look.
halloween white blonde hair look

Autumn Leaves

As the temperature gradually gets lower, the color of the hairstyle in autumn will not be as bright and highlight as in summer, and more people will choose a darker color, such as jet black and dark brown. But we can also add a little feature to dull colors to make your hair look less dull. Do you know what is the color close to autumn leaves? The answer is #18 Ash Blonde Highlighted with #613 Bleach Blonde color.

Since the hair color is not so shinny, you need to focus your entire Halloween look on the face to attract more attention.

Halloween hairstyle

Warm Coffee

A color trend the past few years is dubbed “expensive” hair color because of its rich, dimensional sumptuousness as well as high, reflective shine. This trend first appeared one year ago in autumn 2021 as the “Expensive Brunette” trend.

You can apply this "expensive" and "shinny" hair to your Halloween look, and this dimensional warm brown look will give people a feeling of warmth.

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