5 Tips on How to Care for Your Moresoo Tape In Human Hair Extensions

Tape in human hair extension is trendy around the world. They lay so flat against people’s head that it’s very comfortable and invisible to wear tape in extensions. They could easily blend in completely with people’s natural hair and it’s very difficult to notice them if placed correctly. And moreover, it’s fast and easy to apply tape in extensions.

Although it’s simple to care for those tape-in extensions, it’s still very important to learn the right way of how to care. Because hair extensions don’t have certain natural oils that help your hair stay healthy and natural. This is the reason why you should care for your hair extensions daily.

Below are five important tips on how to care for your tape in hair extensions and keep them natural and healthy.

tape in human hair extension

1. Before You Buy

It’s not a good idea to apply tape-in human hair extensions If you suffer from hair loss, which will further damage your hair. If you don’t know which type of hair extensions to choose, you can contact Moresoo hair experts for best advice.

Before applying Moresoo tape-in hair extensions, it’s very important to thoroughly clean your hair and remove oil with a clarifying shampoo.

Normally, one application of Moresoo human hair extension lasts 10 to 20 weeks. But some of our Moresoo fans tell us they can make the tape in hair extension lasts a little longer by just pressing the tape shut with fingers from time to time, but maintenance in required after 10 weeks.

But we suggest it’s better not to leave them in longer than that because it could potently do damage to your natural hair. When it is time to replace the tape, please go to hair salon and they remove your extensions safely. Your stylist will apply new tapes to the human hair extensions and reapply them to your hair and it’s good to use again.

After you’ve done the application, you have to wait 48 hours to wash your hair for the first time. 48 hours is enough to let the tape sticks together and dries very well so that the tape in extensions will be able to last for a very long time.

brush tape in human hair extension

2. Brush Your Extensions Twice A Day

Another important thing you should know is that before you wash your hair, you should thoroughly and gently brush your hair with a Moresoo hair extension brush. You need to brush your hair every day! Use an extension brush and go right over the point of attachment at least twice a day, making sure that you don’t a have any tangles or mats whatsoever.

When you brush, hold the roots of your hair so that you don’t pull on the bonds. You also have to remember to never brush the extensions while they’re wet; you have to thoroughly dry them before brushing.

how to wash human hair extension

3. Wash Your Extensions gently

It’s better to wash your hair every 2 or 3 days. When washing, remember to scrub your hair extension gently with your hair upside-down. This can avoid tangling of the extensions. Moreover, when you’re using conditioner, avoid conditioner on and around the tapes because this will cause slipping.

Don’t use products contain alcohol, ethanol, or oil, because they will damage your hair extensions and adhesive. Generally speaking, using too much hair product will do no good to your hair and sometimes it will cause tangle and mat.

Dry your hair extension

4. Keep your Tape-in Extensions Dry

After you’ve done the washing, make sure to dry your hair immediately, especially the roots of the extensions which is very important for the health of the roots. When using blow dryer, it’s better to use heat protection on your hair to avoid damage that can be caused by heat. Remember to completely dry your hair extensions before going to bed, keep your hair dry.

5. Make Your Extensions Stylish

Before using hot tools to style your hair, remember to use heat protection spray and make sure the heat setting is on low. It’s a good way to avoid damaging your Moresoo tape in hair extensions.

But try not to use any hot tools in general if you can because they could potentially shorten your hair extension life time. Using a flat iron directly on the tape could weaken it, which will cause your extensions to fall out.

Above are five tips on how to care your Moresoo tape in human hair extension. Do as what we suggest, we believe you could easily keep your hair extension healthy and beautiful.

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