New Arrival——Virgin Genius Weft Hair, have you heard of it?

What is Virgin Genius Weft Hair?

Moresoo Genius Weft uses 100% virgin human hair, can be cut casually, and has no return hairs that can irritate the scalp. Genius Weft is a great alternative to our Hand Tied and Seamless machine wefts, while perfectly blending the best qualities of both. Virgin Genius Weft Hair Extensions are loved by more people because of their high invisibility, very thinness and more comfort.

virgin genius hair

Can be cut for easy customization

No matter what length and width of hair you want, you can cut it freely. This greatly saves you time and reduces the difficulty of the operation. We also provide custom services to meet your needs of any length.

Thinner hair for special group

Some people may feel that too much hair can cause damage to their scalp and more stress. Genius Weft hair will solve your concern. Because it is thinner than hand-tied weft and machine weft hair, and it combines the advantages of both. And on this basis, the own weight of Genius Weft hair has been improved, so that you can wear the hair without pressure and feel lighter.

virgin genius human hair bundles

More comfortable

It is precisely because of its thin feature that you will feel very comfortable after wearing Genius Weft, and it is really like your own hair. Sometimes you may forget that you are wearing it, which is really amazing!

Tangle-Free Hair

Extensions that are natural hair are less prone to tangling. That is not to say they will not become tangled – after all, they are real hair. However, by adopting a few preventative measures, you may reduce tangling.

What Genius Weft Hair Extensions can do for your look

Add length

Hair growth takes time and a great deal of patience. However, hair extensions might expedite the process. The best solution for anyone who wants to instantly 'grow out' their hair is to use hair extensions. You can quickly choose the length you want according to your needs.

Change or add color

Women no longer use hair extensions only to increase the length of their hair. If you’re seeking a simple and healthy approach to alter the appearance of your hair, hair extensions may be the answer. Hair extensions in vibrant hues are now available. You may even select hair extensions with tones of color that blend into one another, progressing from light to dark, or a freehand hair highlighting effect.

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More volume

Are you tired of limp, straight hair? Hair extensions can give your hair a thick, rich appearance by quickly adding volume. Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get such bouncy hairstyles on the red carpet? Hair extensions are most likely what’s giving you that lustrous, voluminous look.

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