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Who We Are 

Founded in 2009, selling online enables Moresoo to cut out those trading agencies and pass the savings to customers. and Moresoo Amazon store all belongs to Moresoo.

Miss Soo, the founder of Moresoo, vowed to serve each and every woman, offering high quality human hair extensions with enough color variety to fit everyone's needs, including clip in extension, tape in extension, pre bonded extension, weft and custom hair extensions.

Now, Moresoo has grown to become the top national human hair extension factory and retailer, receiving thousands of praises from Amazon buyers.


Our Factory

Our processes of producing human hair extensions are manual and time consuming, yet for effective management of time and resource, MSO approach is followed. With this effective method, we control the stock and effectively manage the resources to produce hair extensions at the right cost and at the right time, which helps us to achieve a competitive price.

To ensure the hair remains REMY all through the process, great care is taken not to mix head and tail of a bundle using band technique. Right from procurement, the bundles are tied off at the head and it'll be removed only at the wefting stage.

Moresoo also uses 5-step hot water wash to clean the human hair extensions. Water temperature is monitored throughout the process. And in the final wash, we use our very own shampoo and conditioner based on herbs and natural seeds.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you with the most luxurious shopping experience, enabling you to shop with confidence and find your perfect hair extensions. We have comprehensive color and style guides created by our professionals that will make finding your hair a breeze, ensuring you receive the best selection and receive the best tips.We provide solutions to all of your needs, whether you are shopping with us for hair loss or simply to change up your style. Moresoo is held to the highest standard to ensure we meet all of your expectation.



20H,39 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Buckinghamshire    HP2 7DN.