What is U Tip?

U tip/nail tip is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a U and is applied to the hair by heating up, it is also called Hot Fusion hair extensions. U Tip hair extensions are long term hair extensions that you wear day and night for several months.

Why Choose U-tip Extensions?

Italian keratin can stick well to hair, not easy to fall off and comfortable.

They can feel more comfortable than other types of expansion

They look natural and can hardly be detected.

Nail hair can easily add mixed colors to add highlights


How to Apply U Tip Extensions?

We have high quality virgin u tip. Utip / nail tip hair is installed on your hair with a heating connection. Use a heated connector to melt the keratin tip onto a small portion of natural hair. The melted keratin is then tightly rolled around the natural hair to form a completely sealed bond. Keratin is heated and cooled very fast and easy to apply.

how to apply u tip extensions

Here are the specific steps:

  • Loosen your hair naturally drooping
  • Divide the hair into two part
  • Insert a template to protect your hair twist the hair as hank
  • Smoothly moved for 3 seconds
  • Roll with fingers , and sticky tightly
  • Repeat the previous steps
  • Try more pieces of U tip hair for a full head
  • Well down, do not any washing or pull within 24 hours

If you are using nail hair for the first time, we suggest you install it in a professional salon

How to Remove U Tip?

  1. Drop remover on the bonding point
  2. Start rubbing the bond gently with your fingers until it releases and spreads
  3. Repeat the procedure till all bonds are removed.

Tips on How to Care For Your U Tip:

  1. Avoid washing your hair about 2-3 days after installation, so that it can be completely sealed and bonded.
  2. Avoid oily hairdressing products because oil will loosen the bond.
  3. Use a good wide tooth or soft brush. Comb your hair at least once a day
  4. It is important to maintain them in depth on a regular basis. This keeps your hair soft.
  5. It is recommended not to wash your real hair too often, about twice a week.
  6. Do not use shampoo products with alcohol as one of the ingredients to avoid excessive drying

It's best to air dry. If you need to straighten or curl, use a thermal protector. KNOW MORE

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