How to Dye Your Hair Extensions at Home?

If you want to try to change the color of your hair extensions, here is a short reminder that you can use human hair extensions to do anything you can do with natural hair. This includes dyeing, cutting, heat setting and chemical treatment of your hair. Many people want to try dyeing their hair so that it matches the natural hair color perfectly. It is very effective and the results are beautiful!

Before you dye your hair, make sure that your hair extension is virgin hair. That kind of synthetic hair extension has been chemically treated to strip the strands to the weakest point. They are usually not strong enough to be dyed. We recommend that you use our virgin hair. Virgin hair extensions have not undergone any chemical treatment, so they can be dyed without causing little damage to the hair

What do we need to prepare for the dyeing hair extensions?

First of all, let's prepare what we need to dye our hair. The following are our suggestions, you can add according to your own needs

  1. Tin foil
  2. plastic wrap
  3. Color bowl and brush
  4. Gloves for hair dyeing
  5. Wide tooth comb
  6. Towel
  7. Hair dye and developer

We recommend that you can buy hair dye and developer from a beauty supply store or salon. Hair dye products purchased on the advice of a barber. Because it will be easy to match your hair color.

Start dyeing your hair extensions

  • Gently comb your hair extension to get rid of any tangles, and clean any styling products on the hair extension. After washing and combing the extensions, make sure they are completely dry.
  • Put on gloves and mix the hair dye and developer together. After pouring the hair dye and developer into the applicator bottle, shake the bottle for about one minute to mix them together.
  • Apply hair dye to each hair extension. Use a comb to scatter the hair dye when applying.
  • 4.After you finish dyeing your hair, put your hair on the hair towel
  • 5.After allowing the hair extension to soak in the hair dye for a specified period of time, use warm water to rinse the hair dye from the hair extension.
  • 6.Then use conditioner. Comb your hair extensions after applying the conditioner to ensure even application and moisturizing your hair.
  • 7.After waiting for a while, rinse the conditioner with cold water. This will seal off the hair color and make the hair shiny.
  • 8.In the final step, use a hair dryer to dry the extensions or let them air-dry (recommended).

After completing all the steps, you get a new color hair extension

Kindly Remind

  1. The dye does not have to stay for too long, otherwise you will get darker color than you expected
  2. Use warm water to rinse the dye on the hair extensions. This will ensure that your new color hair will last longer
  3. You don't have to color all hair extensions, because your hair may have many different highlights and lows. Therefore, the best way to match your extension to it is to add low light to the lighter shadows.

If you don't want to dye, you want to buy the color that suits you directly. Don't worry, professional online stores (such as Moresoo hair) will provide color matching services, which basically means you send a photo of your hair to the team and they will recommend the perfect shade for you. And our products are 100% real human hair, you can dye it according to your needs

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