Some Money-saving Tips For Choosing Christmas Gifts

Christmas 2021 is almost here. It's time to prepare this year's Christmas gifts. Are you feeling a headache for choosing your favorite gift and not exceeding your budget? Let us help you buy your favorite gift at the lowest price.

First:Christmas Sale

Our Christmas sale today starts now.

Save $10 Over $79 Code:CY10

Save $30 Over $149 Code:CY30

Save $50 Over $199 Code:CY50

Come and enjoy the last carnival sale of this year.

Tell you a hidden discount: If your order exceeds $270, you can enjoy a 21% discount.


Second:Cute Free Gift

We have prepared some cute hairpins and headbands. For all customers who place an order on Christmas, we will give you a free hairpin or headband. The styles presented are random. Of course, if you have special requirements, you can contact us. We will try our best to meet your needs.

Third:Getting Free Hair

Do you want to get free hair? Then don't miss this opportunity. After you buy the product, you like it and are willing to share the video of how to use it to us. As a thank you, we are happy to return 50%-100% as a thank you. Are you interested in this? Then try it.

Fourth:Bigger discount

Come see how to get a bigger discount. If you think it’s too much trouble to shoot a video, but you want to get a bigger discount. Don't worry, we also prepared another surprise. You only need to share with us your photos before and after using our products. We will give you a 22% discount. Surprise!

The above are the tips for saving money we shared

Finally, let us recommend some kind of product to you as a reference

Tape-in extensions come with pre-taped wefts made of a medical-grade adhesive and are usually one inch wide. Installation and removal are very simple. You can easily use it at home. And it is very suitable for people with less hair

Clip in Hair:Installation is very simple. Just need the clip in the place where you want to increase the volum. we have regular clip ins and seamless clip ins for your choose. Pu clip ins is more invisible and confort than regular clip ins

Virgin I tip:They look natural and the bonds are virtually undetectable. because they are installed by strands.Strands mean you can easily add a mix of colours to add highlight

The above is our sharing. Hope to help you.


Q:Can I color my exetnsions?

A:Yes you can. Because our hair is 100% human hair all collections can be dyed. But Dye The Color into Darker Color Only if You Want to Keep the Hair Healthy. And You Are Suggested to Find Your Hairstylist to Do That.

Q:What are the best extensions for thin hair?

If you have thin hair, tape in extensions are one of the best hair extension choices for you. Clips will be too bulky and may cause balding long term on those who have super fine hair. With tape ins your hair is protected from damage and breakage. If you have thin/fine hair, your hairstylist should use the single sided tape in method for your tape in application. The single sided method is applying one tape bond and one piece of single sided tape, forming one bond, instead of applying two tape wefts together. This places less weight on your hair and allows you to enjoy extensions without the risk of damage.


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