Is Remy Hair Real Human Hair?

When you first try to navigate the world of extensions, you can be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of jargon you have to learn. Micro bead? Tape-in? Clip-in? Wait – they have different weights??

When you first begin to browse extensions, you’ll encounter one word a lot: Remy. What exactly does it mean if extensions are Remy? Are they made from human hair? Why do they need a special name?


Let’s get down to the basics. Yes, Remy hair is real human hair. All Remy hair extensions are human hair, but not all human hair extenions are Remy. This isn’t turning into a SAT question, I swear. The term Remy means that the hair comes unprocessed and with a cuticle layer that is still in-tact. Meaning that it's very healthy, soft, shiny, and ultimately very high in quality!

As you probably know, synthetic hair is a manufactured fiber. Through the magic of science and technology, humans can now create hair in a laboratory. When a material can be created artificially, this drives down costs.

Human hair is more expensive because it has to be grown the natural way: on someone’s head. This takes time and effort. Gathering the hair is a process too. If it helps, imagine a woman in a stylist chair. This is where the Remy difference happens. Instead of cutting the hair and letting the pieces fall where they may, Remy hair is gathered in one bunch. Keeping the gathered hair in bundles preserves the integrity of the cuticle with the hair laying in the same direction from root to end. This prevents tangling and provides natural movement. 

Virgin hair VS Remy hair

At Moresoo Hair, we have a great selection of Remy human hair extensions. Here are a couple of great choices!

clip in hair extensions

These extensions have some serious star power.Moresoo Hair are for the woman who loves fashion, beauty and was born to be a star. We know that you have the X-factor and with this set, you can broadcast that to the world! 

These extensions are perfect for blending naturally with your real hair and are totally resistant to knotting and tangling! You can straighten, curl, and style to boost your look to the next level!. They're also lightweight for optimal comfort and all you have to do is clip in and go!

When all is said and done, is the Remy price tag worth it? It comes down to your preference and your needs. If you want a realistic and high-quality wig to wear every day, a Remy set of extensions is definitely worth it! 

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