Two payment Way

Credit Card and payapl

Secure payment system

Credit Card and  Paypal

As a hair extensions professional official websites, we know the importance of secure electronic payment. In order to ensure your payment security. We have introduced two payment systems - credit card payment and paypal payment.

Credit Card

Credit cards are easy to use and protect any of your transactions. It can help you when you have any questions about the order. However, the credit card will review your previous transactions. Please avoid any suspicious credit card fraud. Otherwise, your order may be judged as a fraudulent transaction. We need you to submit relevant information to ensure the safety of both parties before we can deliver product for you.


PayPal has become one of the largest trading platforms in the world. More than 70% of the world are using PayPal to pay. It can guarantee your payment security and information security. We can provide you with complete pre-sales and after-sales service through PayPal. Solve any problems related to payment security and products for you. It is our most trusted payment platform. We recommend you using this payment method. We will work with PayPal to provide you with a safe payment environment


If you have any question about payment, welcome to contact us