Are You Ready for Your Halloween Hairstyle?

Prep Your Halloween Hairstyle

Halloween is coming soon, are you ready for stunning hairstyles? We recommend several hairstyles for you based on trends. Hope to help you amaze your friends and family on Halloween this year.

First: Vampire Hairstyle

Vampire hairstyle is very easy to make. It only takes a few steps to get a scary hairstyle. Dark, long and straight vampire hair can also be voluminous and bouncy.

How to do:

  1. Straighten them with heat stylers
  2. Separate your hair into a half-up-half-down style.
  3. Backcomb the strands closest to your forehead to give a messy bedhead vibe
  4. keep the rest of your hair super straight and sleek.

    Second: Cat Ears Hairstyle

    The creativity featuring cat ears is one of the most popular and timeless hairstyles for Halloween. See how easily you can create it!

    How to do:

    1. Pick up some hair at the back of your head and backcomb it.
    2. Bring this strands behind your head to create the ear shape and bobby pin it at the back.
    3. Repeat the same steps for the second ear
    4. Make sure that everything is neat on the back.

      Third: Mermaid Hair

      Mermaid hair is usually brightly colored, so if you want to make your hair full of vitality, we recommend dyeing yourself before styling. If you are afraid that dyeing your hair will hurt your hair, you can use hair extensions to achieve a mermaid look. We think that 99j is really suit for mermaid hairstyle

      How to do:

      1. Simply use a heat styler to curl two-to-three inch sections of hair
      2. section three pieces of hair from the back of your crown and weave into a three-strand
      3. Fasten with a headband

      Fourth: Flower Braided Zombie Hairstyle

      If you’re one of the daring ladies who want to be scary but want a sweet hairstyle, this hairstyle is very suit you. It allows you to give full play to your creativity. There is nothing more effective than braids! For example, they may be a prominent detail with floral accessories.

      Fifth: Wizard Hairstyle

      The wizard is always one of the most popular looks. Just curl your hair and put on a wizard hat. You can become a mysterious and elegant wizard. To get the crimped look, braid your hair overnight to create natural waves with no heat required.

      These are our recommended Halloween hairstyles. We hope you enjoy it. Of course, there are many other styles, you can let everyone try. But no matter what kind of hairstyle, the more hair volume, the better it looks. If your own hair volume is not enough, you can use hair extension.

      Here are our top three hair categories for Halloween sales over the years.

      Tape in Hair, Clip in Hair, Halo Hair

      They are easy to wear and remove, they can be styled any way you want, and they blend with your hair easily and are very invisible. They are our most popular Halloween products

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