Seamless Hair Weft Virgin Quality 100% Human Hair Extension Jet Black(#1)

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  • Material: Seamless Virgin Hair Weft

1. More comfortable, Invisible, more natural.
2. Easily and naturally blend with your hair.
3.Get beauty and confidence in seconds and no one will find your secret.
4. Its material has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, which is chemically unprocessed human hair hair and collected from a single donor.
5.There is almost no drying and knotting when you use it, and it is more washable and has a longer lifespan.

  • Color: Jet Black #1
  • Texture: Silky Straight.
  • Weight: 100g.
  • Type: Sew in hair weft.
  • Tips : Human hair is tender by nature. The lifespan largely depends on how they are worn and taken care of. Improper shampoos/conditioners, frequently using heating tools, dyeing, heavily styling may shorten lifespan. Unlike our own growing hair on scalp, these extensions hair can no longer get nourishment and moisture from roots. They've also been colored to achieve the current color results. Please always use care products for color processed hair and follow the care, styling and maintenance tips & instructions we compiled. While the hair can be re-dyed, self-dyeing is not recommended unless by an experienced hair professional, as re-dyeing requires particular skills and dyeing products.