-GOODBYE-                                                     -HELLO-

    MAY                                                                 JUNE

                           Pretty girls where you at?

                  Dress your hair up to make you up.

                               DROP YOUR LINKS


What is Moresoo I Tip Keratin Remy Human Hair?

  • I-Tipped fusion hair extensions have a stick-like Italian keratin tipped end, which can be used for both hot glue and cold micro-beaded installations. We have both virgin and colored hair fusion hair, perfect for any consumer or professional installations.
  • I Tip Extensions last for three to six months, which is a good benchmark for most good quality beaded extensions. As you wear the extensions for a few weeks, your hair will grow as it normally does, and that growth causes the bead and hair extension to move further and further away from the scalp.
  • In fact, the I Tip and Micro Bead Extensions are actually one of the safest types of hair Extensions on the market. The Extensions are attached to the natural hair without any type of glue or heat so there is no chemical or heat damage to your own hair, which lots of other types of Extensions are guilty of.


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